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  • 2023.03.02

    The 4th session of the seminar series will be held on Wednesday, March 22. The theme is "Outlook Thailand - General Election and Economic policy".

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  • 2022.11.15

    Next year's 28th International Conference "Future of Asia" is scheduled to be held on May 25 (Thu) - 26 (Fri), 2023.

  • 2022.10.18

    The 3rd session of the seminar series will be held on Wednesday, October 26. The theme is "The Future of Japan-China Relations after the Chinese Communist Party Congress".

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* As of May 25, 2022
* Honorifics and titles omitted.


The Future of Asia is an international gathering where political, economic and academic leaders from the Asia-Pacific region offer their opinions frankly and freely on regional issues and the role of Asia in the world. Held by Nikkei every year since 1995, it is considered to be one of the most important global conferences in Asia.

Theme of This Year

Redefining Asia’s role in a divided world

Two years have passed since the outbreak of the new coronavirus.
The time has come for Asia to play a major role beyond stability and sustainable development of the region.

Asian unity is essential to overcome complex global issues, such as the struggle for hegemony between the U.S. and China, decarbonization, disruptions in supply chains like semiconductors, and the disparity between the rich and poor.

Will Asian countries be tossed about by ever-changing domestic and international events and begin looking inward, or will they be able to find common goals, align with each other, and pursue their role in the world?

Asia is a region with diverse values, but collectively has the power to become a nexus of the world if united.
We will ask the leaders what new roles and responsibilities they can take on now that we are in a crisis of division.

Benefits of
Future of Asia

Why You Should Attend "The Future of Asia"

International conference on "The Future of Asia" is one of the most important international conferences in Asia, where leaders of Asian countries and regions deliver their messages for the future. In the midst of the international turmoil, such as the conflict between the U.S. and China, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, "The Future of Asia" will bring you the direct voice of the leaders of the region.

Two days of in-depth talks by top leaders from various countries and regions

A special feature of "The Future of Asia" is the outstanding lineup of speakers. 2021 conference featured a record number of 9 current presidents and prime ministers (Philippines, Laos, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Nepal). You can’t miss this rare opportunity of leaders of Asian countries speaking about the future of Asia and the world in their own words.

Q&A session to get into the real thoughts of the leaders

Reporters who are covering the frontlines of Asia on a daily basis and journalists with long experience in Asia will present a Q&A session to get into the real thoughts of Asian leaders. We will report on the reality of the developments in Asia, drawing out the intentions and background of the policies that each country and region is pursuing, as well as the thoughts of the leaders.

Provides valuable insights for strategic planning, corporate training, and research on Asia

Corporate executives and potential expatriates can update their knowledge of Asia in the midst of the turbulent global situation, and utilize the program as a strategic planning and training platform for the Asian and global market. The agenda and vision by leaders will give you important hints for foreseeing economic and industrial policies of each country. It will also provide new insights for those who study politics and economics in the Asian region.

You can attend onsite where you can feel the excitement of the event only at the venue, or we also offer a live streaming plan that allows you to watch the conference live from your home or office. The visitor pass also includes lunches and a live and archived streaming plan that allows you to watch all sessions at your convenience for a period of 6 months after the conference.

Recommended for

Executives and potential expatriates of companies expanding in Asia

Businesspersons who want to have an in-depth knowledge of Asian situations

Academic researchers and analysts specializing in Asian political research


May 26(Thu)-27(Fri), 2022
Tokyo (Specific venue will be announced to registered participants only)
Nikkei Inc.
The Japan Foundation
Nomura Holdings
Official Media
Nikkei Asia
Media Partner
Financial Times (U.K.), Yicai Media Group (China), People's Daily (China), Hindustan Times (India), Kompas (Indonesia), JoongAng Ilbo (Republic of Korea), Maeil Business Newspaper (Republic of Korea), New Straits Times (Malaysia), CNBC Asia Pacific (Singapore), The Straits Times (Singapore), Bangkok Post (Thailand), Vietnam News Agency (Vietnam)
Secretariat of 27th International Conference on The Future of Asiareg_foa2022@creative-net.co.jp
For Press & Media
Pre-registration and permission by the organizer are required for media coverage. Please contact the Secretariat of 27th International Conference on The Future of Asia.


Visitor Pass

JPY 69,800 - (including tax) *Capacity of 100 seats

  • Attending all sessions (on-site)

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    Available until the end of November 2022

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  • Access to "Future of Asia" seminar series


    The "Future of Asia" seminar series will be held four times a year after the "Future of Asia" conference in May. Pre-registration required. Click here for details.

  • Nikkei Asia subscription


    Instruction email for Nikkei Asia subscription will be sent around middle of May or early June depending on the registration date.

Please note that we may cancel or change the event, or stop accepting visitors, due to guidelines by the national and local governments.

Virtual Pass
JPY 12,800 - (including tax)
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(As of May 25, 2022)

※Honorifics and titles omitted.

※English and Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be available during the forum.

※Speakers will participate online, with few exceptions. Please be aware that video and audio may be disturbed due to technical problems with internet connections or server.

DAY 1May 26 (Thu), 2022 9:30-17:10 (JST)




DAY 1-1


Shigesaburo OkumuraChief of International News Center and Editor-in-chief of The Nikkei Asia, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 1-2


Takashi NakanoSingapore Bureau Chief and Kuala Lumpur Bureau Chief, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 1-3


Tomoya OnishiHanoi Bureau Chief, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 1-4


Toru TakahashiSenior Staff Writer, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 1-5


Ryosuke HanadaMumbai Bureau Chief, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 1-6


Sotaro SuzukiEditor, International News Group, International News Center, Editorial Division, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 1-7

In Asia, the number of startups aiming for global innovation as well as solving social issues in their countries and regions is increasing. We would like to ask about the potential of Asia to entrepreneurs who challenge the transformation of the world with their own business models and technologies.


DAY 1-8

In today's world, where globalization is advancing and interdependence is deepening while, at the same time, fragmentation is evident, it is becoming increasingly important to engage in cultural exchange with an awareness of understanding different cultures and an open attitude toward different values. When doing business in Asia, companies need to have ingenuity and imagination in order to maximize the appeal of their own culture and link it to demand, while making a market-oriented approach to understand the culture of the partner country/region. The session will focus on how to develop business in Asia, and how to develop products and services that will meet the needs of customers. In this session, we will welcome experts who are active in business development in Asia and at the interface between culture and economy, and discuss their specific experiences.


DAY 1-9


Tetsushi TakahashiEditor, Policy News Unit, Editorial Division, Nikkei Inc.

DAY 2May 27 (Fri), 2022 9:00-16:50 (JST)


DAY 2-1

After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the world faces three crises: The first is the war between Russia and Ukraine; the second is the second Cold War between Russia and the West; and the third is the deepening conflict between the United States and China. In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, U.S.-China tensions are not limited to the high-tech and maritime fields, but also extend to the nature of the world order. How will the U.S. and China behave in this stage of the crisis in Asia? And how will this affect the Asian order? Experts from the U.S., China and ASEAN will discuss these issues, including the Taiwan issue, which is a matter of regional security concern.


DAY 2-2


Kaori TakahashiSenior Staff Writer, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 2-3


Ryosuke HaradaSenior Executive Editor, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 2-4


Toru TakahashiSenior Staff Writer, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 2-5


Toyoaki FujiwaraEditor-in-chief of Editorial Headquarters for Asia, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 2-6


Ryosuke HanadaMumbai Bureau Chief, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 2-7


Toru TakahashiSenior Staff Writer, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 2-8


Shigesaburo OkumuraChief of International News Center and Editor-in-chief of The Nikkei Asia, Nikkei Inc.


DAY 2-9

The "Age of Geo-economics" in which nations use the economy as a means to geopolitical ends. As the global situation becomes more chaotic, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the U.S.-China confrontation, there are growing concerns in Asia, the center of the global supply chain, about the fragmentation of supply networks, stagnation of economic activities centered on trade and investment, and the weakening of the free trade system. What management strategies and business models should global companies operating in Asia pursue? We will explore corporate management in the age of geopolitics through the efforts of companies that have moved to sustain their economic activities while minimizing the impact from the interests of major powers.


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