23rd International Conference on The Future of Asia

Monday, June and Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Satoshi Morimoto

Satoshi Morimoto

Former Minister of Defense, Japan
Chancellor, Takushoku University

11th Minister of Defense (2012)
Special Adviser to the Minister of Defense(2015~2016)


After graduating the National Defense Academy, Mr. Morimoto joined JSDAF (Japan Self Defense Air Forces), the Japan Defense Agency. In 1977, he was assigned to the National Security Division of the American Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). After officially joined the MOFA in 1979, he was consistently put in charge of national security practices including the posts of the First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in the United States and the head of the National Security Policy Division of the MOFA Information Research Bureau. He was assigned to the Minister of Defense under DPJ (Democratic Party Japan) administration in 2012. He also served Special Adviser to the Minister of Defense (2015~16). Now, he currently acts as a Chancellor of Takushoku University. He specialized in national security arms control, national defense and international politics.

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